counter Corvus OS – Android Gaming Rom Download + Review

Corvus OS – Android Gaming Rom Download + Review

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Corvus OS is a dedicated Android gaming room specially designed for gamers. First of all Corvus OS is based on android 10 so you can definitely expect stability from there. Don’t worry it would be updated to Android 11 once it’s launched. This is how it looks for any first time install.

It comes with Corvus OS launcher it might look like pixel launcher but there are plenty of features, for example you can change custom icons and there is new feature called double tap on screen support. For example if i double tap on my home screen it will show me volume slider and of course you can customize.

Why this room is considered a gaming room?

First of all we will talk about the special features:

  1. The first one is FPS info once enabled and you can see your current FPS in the corner.
  2. The second one is SCREEN RECORD, this is by far the most and one screen recording app that comes pre-installed in any custom room. You can choose which audio you want in your screen recording. It can be your internal audio or microphone audio so what happens in other Android room is that you can actually record your mic but you can track or internal audio that can be turn-off for many people. Some roms provide that feature like evolution X but it is not a dedicated gaming room like Corvus OS and there is a reason for that.
  3. This rom comes with pre installed custom kernel called Hydra plus. Now, with this kernel you get maximum performance in Pub G and even if you are not into gaming overall day-to-day performance is slightly faster than other roms. Also,because of this custom kernel Hydra plus, even if you play Pub G for hours, your phone doesn’t overheat. So with Corvus OS you get maximum FPS in Pub G. The gameplay is now snappy and the touch responsive is faster. Overall, it will improve your gaming and as I said you can play it for hours with no overheating issue.

Kernel Hydra (Corvus OS)

The high fps & smoothness is because of custom kernel Hydra plus. If you wish you can install any other custom kernel over the top of Korus OS but I wouldn’t recommend that. Apart from being a gaming rom, it also provides plenty of features like this awesome lock-screen customization. You get plenty of skins that you can choose for your lock screen & you can also put a music bar on the lock screen when you listening to music.

Download Corvus OS from the Mirrors Below:

Name Modified Size Downloads / Week
X00T < 3 hours ago  N/A
land < 8 hours ago  N/A
vince 2020-05-26  N/A
platina 2020-05-26  N/A
tissot 2020-05-25  N/A
raphael 2020-05-25  N/A
ginkgo 2020-05-21  N/A
beryllium 2020-05-21  N/A
whyred 2020-05-18  N/A
tulip 2020-05-17  N/A
oneplus3 2020-05-14  N/A
wayne 2020-05-14  N/A
ysl 2020-05-13  N/A
jasmine_sprout 2020-05-13  N/A
violet 2020-05-12  N/A
mido 2020-05-12  N/A
lavender 2020-05-11  N/A
enchilada 2020-05-11  N/A

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