counter MSM Download Tool Firmware Flasher – Tips & Download

MSM Download Tool Firmware Flasher – Tips & Download

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MSM Download Tool – It is a firmware flasher tool for Realme, Oppo ,Vivo and modified versions also works in OnePlus devices. During the flashing process, the flash tool will unbrick your device. Therefore, the tool will restore your mobile device to the normal or default function. As a result, it will fix almost all errors and issues like boot-loop, hang on logo, black screen, stock on boot, FRP, pattern lock, bootloader related problems & many more.

Types of MSM Download Tool

There are many versions of msm download tool. As a matter of fact, they are designed to work only for the specific device or model. Please look at the example below.

For the version 1.7.2 realme tool Exp – This version only works in Realme 5 (RMX1911). It will not work on Realme c3 or Vivo.

TIPS & Installation

  1. Another key point, if your device is working & still can do backup. Then, it is wise and important to backup all your files completely. Because the flashing process will wipe all your data clean and impossible to recover again even you use any recovery software.
  2. Furthermore, please install necessary drivers and download provided drivers below.
  3. The tool is only applicable via EDL mode (Emergency Download Mode). Now, access EDL and open MSM software.
  4. To access EDL. Turn off the device, connect the device to the PC using usb cable.
  5. Turn off your phone & access EDL mode by button combination. Again, look or search google for exact button combination of your device to access EDL.
  6. If your connected, then you can proceed to flashing.

NOTE:  The tool & firmware must be located in the same folder.





ERRORS During Flashing 

Sahara communication failed (Popular Error) 

  • Wrong firmware package
  • Faulty USB or incorrect drivers – uncommon
  • Wrong MSM version
  • The FIX – Do not close MSM download tool, just exit edl mode and enter again. This method always works.

MSM Download Tool Original versus Modded/Crack Version

  • Original version works flawlessly and flashes firmware with no errors.
  • Crack versions works but sometimes with errors and can hard brick your device.

Activation and User name & Password

As shown above you cannot use the tool without username and password. The tool itself is encrypted especially for versions compatible for NEW Realme devices. Moreover, to acquire the username & pass, there are online remote service available to do the flashing for you. Also you will need to download the firmware + msm download tool, drivers. Therefore they will access the tool and run it for you via remote. They usually charge you.

MSM Download Tool Crack Version

  • Auto open the tool without any username & password.
  • Compatible only for old devices.

Special Notes: It is important to realize if you are unsure, the only smart thing to do is to bring your phone in the nearest service center if your warranty is not void. Furthermore for Realme users, if you are willing to wait, realme will release a free tool for flashing. The date is unknown but according to them they will release the tool soon.

Update: Realme just release their first flashing tool and now available for public. Visit ths link Realme Flashing Tool.

Download Required Tools/Drivers and Select the compatible MSM version for your phone/device. All MSM and download tools are original and untouched. 

MSM Divers:

Download NEW MTK + Qualcom Driver_V2.0.1.1

MSM Download Tool for (REALME)


MSM Downlad TOOL 1.7.5  ALL_RMX_EMMC_2020

Compatible Models

  • RMX 1911 – Realme 5
  • RMX 1811 – Realme C1
  • RMX 1805 – Realme 2
  • RMX 1925 – Realme 5s
  • RMX 1851 – Realme 3 PRO
  • RMX 2020 – Realme C3
  • RMX 2032 – Realme 5i
  • RMX 2030 – Realme 5i

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