counter Diablo Immortal Apk MOD for Android

Diablo Immortal Apk MOD for Android

MODDED [Initial Release]

Diablo Immortal Apk MOD for Android. The game takes place in a fictional world called the Sanctuary. In which the human lives are under the threat of being consumed.
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Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
MODDED [Initial Release]
November 20, 2020
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Diablo Immortal Apk MOD for Android. The game takes place in a fictional world called the Sanctuary. In which the human lives are under the threat of being consumed by the evil forces. Here, we have the heroes who possess incredible powers and are willing to give their lives to bring peace to the land.

However, this doesn’t last long as one of the lieutenants under Diablo has begun to plot against the people of Sanctuary. By intending to gather the fragments of the Worldstone. As he’s going to use the power of the stone to resurrect his evil masters. This can’t happen, not on your watch.

That being said, it’s now your story, you must take up arms and join others in your mission to defeat Skarn the Herald of Terror. Stop him before he gathers all the pieces of the stones and calls out his eel master. It’s your duty to maintain peace in the lands of the sacred Sanctuary.

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A whole new Diablo experiences
Not like many other games when making its first appearance on the mobile platform. The creators at Blizzard Entertainment has chosen to deliver a whole new story, instead of basing from the previous ones. This allows Diablo fans to experience a completely new adventure. Which continues the events of the previous games as well as explains the continuing ones. Hence, gamers can have a more throughout understanding of the story. In additions, with the amazing collaborations from the famous mobile game publisher. Like NetEase Games, Diablo Immortal is expected to be a real blockbuster for Android users to enjoy.

Like all games in the series, players of Diablo Immortals will have their chances to play as different heroes and follow your own development paths. With 6 available hero classes, you can choose to level up your characters as Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard, each hero will have unique powers and abilities available to their own classes. Depending on your fighting styles, you can choose the right heroes for you.


That being said, if you’re a ranged fighter, being a Demon Hunter or Wizard will be more suitable as you can stay in ranges and cast out devastating blows to the enemies. And if you’re someone who loves close combat. The Barbarian, Crusader, and Monk classes are definitely the right ones for you. In addition, those who’re into the art of necromancy should definitely go for the Necromancers. It will call out the undead and epic monsters to fight alongside you.

And since it’s an online game for mobile, there will be plenty more contents being introduced in the near future. Hence, you are in for a lot of new heroes with different stories and development paths available.

Diablo Immortal Apk MOD FEATURES

  2. GAME & CURRENCY Hacks – Still On beta state

Diablo Immortal Apk MOD MOD MENU:

  • Attack Damage x2
  • GOD MODE ( HP will stay Full)
  • Preserve MOD after Update

The mod menu will be available for download.

NOTE: All Diablo Immortal MOD Features will be release soon after all are tested with no issues on different android devices. Stay tuned! 

Download Links will be available here.

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