counter Knights Fight 2 Honor & Glory MOD for Android

Knights Fight 2 Honor & Glory MOD for Android


In Knights Fight 2 Honor & Glory MOD, you will have the opportunity to test yourself as a knight of the Middle Ages and fight in the arena.
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Vivid Games S.A.
October 28, 2020
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In Knights Fight 2 Honor & Glory MOD, you will have the opportunity to test yourself as a knight of the Middle Ages and fight in the arena with the strongest opponents for honor and glory. You are waiting for medieval equipment with the possibility of improvement, shields and weapons exclusively from those times, are you ready to showcase your talents in the arena? You can take part in harsh battles with other knights, paladins, legendary heroes and measure your strength.

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It is important to correctly adapt to the tactics and strategy of the opponent’s battle, since one slightest mistake can lead to failure. You also have to monitor your hero’s endurance scale so that he does not deplete during the battle, and for victories you can open new types of attacks, strikes and useful skills for your ward, equip him with powerful armor and be ready to meet even stronger opponents. Comfortable controls, dynamic battles, real medieval atmosphere and sophisticated gameplay – all this awaits you in Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory. 

Super fun game, honestly no complaints at all. Some things need a little work, anytime the game pulls up your keyboard to change your name for example. It doesn’t pull it up properly and bugs out or crashes. But the actual gameplay and pvp and fighting aspect is so well done and is amazing and super fun and smooth to play.

Very unique in its combat system, very well thought out controls and attack, parry and block system. Very immersive, keeps you on your toes. Its definitely not one of those auto play games. If you want realist knight style blade and blood game that you actually play and play against others who are actually playing then this Masterpiece is for you.

Brand new game that reminds me of the rangers apprentice series really cool combat, although a little laggy but it did come out today so it will be improved. Includes strategy and skill. I’ve been waiting for this game for 3 weeks and it is much better than I expected. I love this game.

Description of mod

  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, where you can enable dumb bots.

I played the first and it was good but this is such a major leap. It has realistic arms and armor, fun game play with good controls and mechanics. I also enjoy the new sites but also revisiting older ones. You guys have done a phenomenal job on this game and it is great to play.

Very smooth fighting and using special attacks,fighting reminds me of For Honor. On ps 4 as to the attack and blocking. And the graphics are immaculate for a mobile game playing on a mobile device, and not looking cartoon or anime like.

Great game in the making right here. Controls takes some getting used to but it’s got amazing potential and is a good way to release some stress!

What's new

The King has decided to grant land and a castle to every knight who can meet his requirements.
With your new castle, you can:
- Customize your throne room (and sit on it)
- Create your own coat of arms (show it to your opponents in duels)
- Build up your lands to become a powerful lord: erect a village to generate silver coins and build up a mine to mint gold coins.

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