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A sensual romance story where YOU control the outcome with your decisions.
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December 4, 2020
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Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD. As a girl, everyone wishes to have beauty, talent, good work with a sincere mate. However, it is hard to get all of that at the same time, and many celebrities have admitted that despite having a stable career, finding a partner is hard. Have you ever dreamed of these things? It sounds distant, but since Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD was born, every barrier has been broken. This game comes from the publisher of The Other Guys and is a simulation game; you will enjoy this virtual life!

Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD 1
Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD

Table of Contents

Romance and Mystery

Participating in Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD, the player, will be portrayed as the famous Linda. She is a superstar in the entertainment industry, with her talents as well as beauty, she has thousands of fans and is the ideal model for every guy. In this game, the player is responsible for deciding every action of Linda, from work, life, words, relationships … Everything will be represented by the decision; the choices will come out. The game is below the screen for the player to choose. Remember, however, that decisions made by players will affect what happens in the future. Pay attention to the rationale in this game, Linda’s life will go smoothly or unhappily depending on the player.


The game is divided into several chapters; each chap is a scene of the life of this girl: about her lover, career or office story with friends. In addition to being a singer, the player can switch to the cast, with her gifted talent, help Linda create the best movie. Linda is also in her teens; there will be plenty of guys flirting and saying sweet words, players can find out about their personality: personality, family, work, .. if that is the sample His favorite, let him romantic dates. After the end of each chapter, the system will summarize the activities Linda has experienced, which is like watching a movie starring herself. Interestingly, right!

Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD 2
Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD 2


  • The game is a beautiful love story, you will be immersed in the most romantic moments
  • Experience great places from Rio, Brazil. The 3D scene will make you more excited than ever
  • Characters are designed in a cartoon style but high realism. Players will feel like they are in the story.
  • The plot of the game will depend on the decisions you make. So think thoughtfully.
  • A perfect replacement for Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD not only has interesting gameplay but also has a very realistic 3D background. The visuals are visually stunning, eye-catching colors combined with real details, players will live more life with this game. Download Linda Brown: Interactive Story and Linda make a fun journey!


Fantastic game. I love how you get the opportunity to earn diamonds and tickets and to play longer. The only annoying thing is that the characters sometimes take decisions outside of your control. Otherwise I love the story. And with advancing in the game I now earn 4 diamonds while before I earned 7. I advanced the game further and now I can earn 10 diamonds which is great.

Interesting story-line about love and relationships Linda has been thorough so much and she still gets the courage to overcome the obstacles in her path has she journey on her path of success and love love the story-line so much addicting love it so much.

I love to Linda Brown story I highly recommend this to everyone. You’re always on edge to find out what happens next. Please try to help the reader a little bit more increase the free tickets and buy more ads or something to give them the thrill that they seek. It’s hard for me to stop reading only with two tickets. I want to continue and I can’t I have to wait for a timer to finish.

This game was so well made.It gives you a boost of about 35 diamonds and it has a great story line.I really do recommend this game.YOU HAVE GOT TO GET IT!!! The graphics are top notch and the developers did a very good job. Well done!

Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD
Linda Brown Interactive Story Apk MOD

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- Minor bug fixes.

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