MU Origin 2 Best Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

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One of the most acclaimed MMORPG of all times, MU Origin 2 is back with a new plot and you just got another chance to play in this fascinating universe of intense battles, breathtaking strategies and tactical moves.

Leveling through Quests

Prioritize doing the Main quests first as they give your character a lot of EXP and Gold once you completed them. Once you are unable to continue doing the Main quests due to your character below the level requirement, do the Side quests, followed by the Daily quests. I recommend avoiding the Gather quests as you will be killed by higher level players. You can tap the quest that you want to complete at the left side of the screen beside the quest tab and the game will automatically do the quest for you without you doing anything. New features will be unlocked as you level up your character.

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Complete all the daily Events and Dungeons

Make sure to complete all the daily Events and Dungeons every day (Main Menu->Event) (Main Menu->Dungeon). Other than EXP, you will also obtain different items which are useful to increase your character’s BP. Some of the events/dungeons will give you activeness points (For the daily quests) once you complete it. Here are some of the daily Events/dungeons that I would recommend doing every day:

  • Daily Quest (Solo)

  • EXP Dungeon (Solo) – This is one of the best ways to gain tons of EXP. Can be done 2 times per day.

  • Arena (PK) – This is where you can battle against other players to climb up in the standings. The higher the ranking, the better the rewards (Fame and Hero Tokens). Hero Tokens can be exchanged at the Warrior Shop (Main Menu->Store->Warrior Shop).

  • Demon Hunt Operation (Solo) – You can defeat elite monsters which will drop loot containing armor and weapons.

  • Land of Trial – Another way of obtaining tons of EXP. Lasts for 30 minutes daily. I highly recommend using EXP cards (200% – 300% EXP boost) from your backpack before doing the Land of Trial.

  • Greed’s Cavern (Solo) – This is one of the best ways to gain lots of Gold. Can be done once per day.

  • Demons Tower – You may challenge the tower where you can battle against enemies for each floor. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies are but better the rewards.

  • Treasure Map – Can only be done if you have ‘Treasure Map’ items from your backpack.

  • Dungeon and Party Dungeon – Completing a dungeon unlocks the raid feature where you can use raid coupons to instantly complete the Dungeon.

For the Daily quests, I suggest obtaining 150 activeness points per day for the maximum activeness chest rewards.

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Complete the Time-limited Events

There are also ‘Time-limited Events’ that you can do for more rewards, Gold and EXP. Check the Remaining Time for each Time-limited Event so that you do not miss out on any of them. Here are some of the ‘Time-limited Events’ that I would recommend doing:

  • Ironblood Path (PK) – This mode is a 5v5 multiplayer where the team who does the most damage to the Gargoyle boss will be the winner.

  • World Boss – Each day, world bosses will spawn regularly in each area where you can kill them for loot (Mainly drops gear).

  • Trial of Angels – Opens daily at 12:20. This is where you can damage the boss for rewards. Ranking will be based on how much your character has dealt damage to the boss. The higher the ranking, the better the rewards.

  • Roland’s Feast – Opens on Sunday at 21:00.

  • Blood Castle (Multiplayer) – You can team up with other players (increased drop rate + EXP) to defeat monsters for EXP and gems. Requires Transparent Cloak.

  • Devil Square (Multiplayer) – You can team up with other players (increased drop rate + EXP) to defeat monsters for EXP and gear. Requires Devil Square Ticket.

  1. Check your backpack

You may obtain chests or items for your character that you might not even notice so always check your character’s backpack to see all the items that you have obtained (Main Menu->Backpack). If you have gear that has a higher BP than your current gear, always replace them to give a free overall BP boost to your character. If you have chests, straight away open these as they contain special items that will help you further into the game. Most items can only be used from the Backpack so just tap the item you want to use and tap ‘Use’. Do not sell your unwanted gear as you will be using them as materials for the Horcrux feature later on.

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Upgrade all your character skills

Once you have gained access to your character skills, make sure to upgrade all of them to increase your BP and skill level (Main Menu->Tap the character icon->Skill). There will be a total of 9 skills that you can upgrade (8 actives + 1 passive) which requires Gold. Take note that each subsequent upgrade increases the Gold required to upgrade. When a skill level reaches level 160, you can activate its skill Ultimacy to gain an additional effect of that skill. However, you will need an additional item depending on which skill Ultimacy you choose.

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