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Download Sky Champ Galaxy Space Shooter MOD. Without a doubt the best shooter in the playstore. Been playing for over a year.
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Spirit Bomb
September 1, 2020
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Sky Champ Galaxy Space Shooter MOD. Without a doubt the best shooter in the playstore. Been playing for over a year and still play everyday.spend real money if you want I haven’t its not needed or forced on you to progress. Very polished game. Well done to the devs.

I’m really enjoying the battle event right now. It’s brought a fresh perspective to the game-play, and rewards me pretty nicely to use Pettomons that I hadn’t considered as much, because the challenges require a variety of their powers. The event boosts are sweet, too.

This game took me by complete surprise. A friend of mine told me about this bullet hell-type game, but with cute monsters that you can level up and evolve, I downloaded it, and my mind is blown. Great graphics, good pacing, and just challenging enough to entertain a veteran, but not scare away any newcomers.

Cute graphics, but don’t let that fool you. The game play is as close to a bullet hell shooter as possible without being overwhelming. This game is good for veteran shooter fans like myself and the younger shooter fans as well.

Download Sky Champ Galaxy Space Shooter MOD

This is more challenging than everwing. Because there lots of monster and different abilities and they attack vertical or horizontal. Also can you update this with a gold rush so that we can earn money faster.

This game is so much fun. You collect main and ‘helper’ creatures and use them in battle to give them experience and level them up. Furthermore, you can evolve them several times, each time making them more powerful and adding new abilities. The abilities can be leveled up as well. Choosing and discarding creatures based on combinations of random abilities they get makes the game-play a lot deeper than it may seem on the surface. Very addictive.

Don’t let the cuteness of the pet hatching in this game fool you, this is a serious bullet-hell shmup, and it’s a damn good one. Also the devs are very generous with rewards, you can upgrade your monsters and progress through the tougher levels without spending a dime, but you will need skill, practice, and quick reflexes. My only complaint is that I didn’t discover this game sooner.


Great graphics, smooth play, great variety, ads are quick and painless, ability to play continuously with little interruption from ads or being unable to acquire in-game items needed for play. 6 stars! Definite thanks to the developers on this one! keep it up. Ads are pretty relevant and knowing that developers rely on ads, I’ve downloaded a few of the advertised apps because they were so relevant to my game interests that brought me to find Sky Champ. Big Mahalo and Aloha to this developer!


What's new

Version 6.3.0
- New BattlePasss feature. This will be unlocked after completing all Starter Missions.

Version 6.3.5
- Fix bug wrong translate Persian.

Version 6.3.6
- Hotfix BattlePass





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