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Survivalist MOD for Android is a zombie survival game, if you’ve ever played through the Last Day On Earth game. You will notice the similarities between them.
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September 4, 2020
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Survivalist MOD for Android is a zombie survival game, if you’ve ever played through the Last Day On Earth game. You will notice the similarities between them. This game was released by TeslaGames Global, the content is about a zombie outbreak on a tropical continent, the player is a former marine. And after realizing the present situation and setting a single goal, it is survival.

In this game, players will control their characters through a top-down perspective and the only task is to survive on these dangerous islands. To begin, you first need to build a base, which will contain all resources and materials for survival. And players will constantly move between different locations to collect materials and materials to build and fabricate equipment. But only resources and materials are not enough for survival in the game, the most important issue is food. You need to constantly ensure a stable supply of supplies, without food or drinks, your character cannot survive until the next day.

Next will be the fighting mechanism of the game when you enter a dangerous area. The most important thing is hiding to avoid causing attention. And you can equip a multitude of different weapons, but there is an important weapon issue. That is their durability, after each attack with any weapon, the durability will be reduced, if it is a long-range weapon, the durability corresponds to the number of bullets, you can reload them with crafting tables.

Survivalist MOD for Android GAMEPLAY

Because of the durability issue, you need to be aware of direct attacks and instead use surprise attacks from behind to finish the opponent on the spot. During the battle, you can constantly use many different items to be able to survive and escape from dangerous situations such as recovery items, throwing weapons, … Because you yourself are not I didn’t know what was going to happen, so whenever I got out of the base I needed to prepare what I needed to prevent it.

That’s it, the battle mechanism is finished, the next will be the construction and manufacturing work. At the base, you can do whatever you want, just have the necessary materials. The game will display the function of building a private house, every time you tap on it you will proceed to the construction. You know why you have to constantly upgrade your base even though there aren’t any zombies loitering? Because every day there will be a total attack from zombies when they invade, you have the duty to destroy them all. Otherwise, your base will be destroyed outside defence layers. The reward for destroying any target will be EXP. When you level up you will unlock some other items to craft. At the same time, you will become stronger and able to advance into the more dangerous areas.

Survivalist MOD for Android FEATURES


To be able to do everything, you need the necessary equipment. And that means you need to make them, to be able to make a certain device. They will consist of many different materials. Some materials will come from nature while some need to be made. And in order to make a higher grade, a corresponding manufacturing table is needed. There are many different types of manufacturing tables and they will be placed inside your base, every time they start manufacturing they will require raw materials before starting to create products.

Freedom to upgrade and design your base

Yes! you can freely build any style for your base and the crafting tables, items are free to move. Now you can create multiple rooms with different effects, neatly arrange them to easily move around. Create a solid stronghold in this post-apocalyptic world. If you are a fan of top-down zombie survival games, then you might want to try this game. Download Survivalist MOD for Android now!

What's new

1. The second island, which the developers have been talking about for so long, is open!
2. New adventures, new tasks, new locations, new dangerous enemies are waiting for you. Thanks for waiting. Thank you for being with us!



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